Circulation Policy

PINES circulation services provides many benefits for members of the Ocmulgee Regional Library System.


Listed below are the policies and procedures associated with PINES circulation.



Issuing a Library Card


Library cards are free to all residents of Georgia. Persons who attend school, own property or are employed in Georgia are eligible for a free PINES card. Patrons of both PINES and nonparticipating Georgia public libraries may receive a PINES card. Users from non‐participating Georgia libraries shall have the same privileges as PINES users. Most PINES cards are valid for 2 years,and there is no charge to renew the library card when it expires.


Property owners who do not reside in Georgia may be required to show proof of ownership, such as a tax bill or deed. Persons employed in Georgia or attending school in Georgia may be required to show proof of employment or enrollment.


Out‐of‐state cards are available to persons living outside Georgia who do not meet the above criteria for a $25 annual fee, payable at the time the card is issued. A temporary card is available for a $12.50 charge and is good for 6 months.


Signing a PINES card application denotes acceptance of responsibility for lost or damaged materials.


There is no minimum age for a child to receive a PINES card. A parent or legal guardian may register a child. Parent or guardian must show proper ID to register a child. A parent or guardian must sign the application for all children under 18. Signing a child’s PINES card application denotes acceptance of responsibility for all fines, lost or damaged materials charged on that card.


A library card is required in order to check out materials including public access computers.


Proper identification must be presented to register.


An applicant for a new card is required to provide proper ID, which includes current local address.


PINES prohibits the use of Social Security Numbers for patron identification.


Acceptable ID for a PINES card:


a)photo ID showing current local address,




b)photo ID and one item from approved list (see below) showing current, local address (if photo ID does not have correct address),




c) TWO (2) items from approved list showing current, local address.


Acceptable ID includes a valid driver’s license, a valid voter registration card, checks with pre‐printed addresses, a utility bill, tax receipt or other piece of mail that shows the user’s name and present address. The registering library is responsible for ensuring that a correct address is obtained.


Applicants for a card must complete and sign an application form, available at any PINES participating library’s circulation desk.


Parents or guardians of children under the age of 18 must sign their child’s application.


The charge for a replacement PINES card is $2.


It is a local decision on the part of each Library System whether the PINES card will be given to the user at registration or be mailed. Consult your circulation supervisor for the policy at your library.


Temporary Borrowing Privileges


Persons who will be in Georgia for less than 6 months, and reside outside Georgia, may be issued a temporary card. Privilege limit is 6 months. Privilege fee is 1⁄2 the fee charged for OUT OF STATE cards ($12.50). This card carries limited borrowing privileges. Temporary cardholders may check out up to 5 items simultaneously. To register a temporary borrower, choose the profile name “TEMP” when entering
the registration.


When PINES Patrons Move to another PINES Library System


If a patron moves from one PINES library system to another or changes the home library, there is no need to delete the patron’s card. Instead, change the home library of the patron from the old library system to the new library system and update address and telephone information in the patron record.


Check-Out / Renewal Policies


A patron must present a card in good standing to borrow materials or check out a computer. A patron’s card will be blocked, and no services may be obtained with it if the patron owes $10 or more in unpaid fines and/or fees. Delinquent borrowers who have not reached these limits may still borrow materials; the system operator will be notified that the patron is delinquent.


In most cases, a maximum of 50 items may be charged simultaneously on a PINES card.


If a patron forgets their PINES card, they can:


Return home to retrieve it. Materials may be held for the patron.


Purchase a replacement card for $2.


Acceptable ID for a PINES replacement card is: a) photo ID showing current local address, OR b) photo ID and one item from approved list showing current, local address (if photo ID does not have correct address), OR c) TWO (2) items from approved list showing current, local address. Acceptable ID includes valid driver’s license, valid voter registration card, checks with pre-printed addresses, a utility bill, tax receipt or other piece of mail that shows the user’s name and present address.




Renewal requests may be made in person, by phone, or by accessing your account online.


Most items can be renewed twice. After items have been renewed 2 times, they must be returned and made available for all library patrons. If the item is not returned it will be considered lost by the patron that has it checked out. Certain categories of materials are not eligible for renewal.


If a “HOLD” has been placed on an item, it may not be renewed. Selected staff will have the authority to force the renewal in special circumstances.


To accomplish a renewal, the patron must present his PINES card or read his PINES barcode number to staff over the phone. Staff is encouraged to ask for a second item of identification, such as address or telephone number, to verify the identity of the caller. Items will not be renewed with name only. Patrons may renew their items via the My Account feature of the OPAC.


Place or pick up holds


Library staff members can place holds on items for you. Holds may be placed on many circulating items owned by the Ocmulgee Regional Library System. In addition, holds may be placed on many titles owned throughout the state of Georgia in the PINES network. Videos, audiocassettes, new books, current bestsellers, software, microforms, CDs, or DVDs may not be placed on hold unless owned by the Ocmulgee Regional Library System. If you are unable to place a hold on a curculating item that is owned by ORLS, please ask a library staff member for assistance. There is no fee for placing holds in PINES. You may also chose to place an item on hold by logging in to your Evergreen account on the PINES catalog.


My Account


Library users will be given a PIN upon registering for a PINES card. PINES policy indicates that PINs may only be given in person at a PINES library, upon presentation of appropriate ID. PINs may not be obtained via telephone or email.


At their first use of the My Account feature of the OPAC, patrons will be prompted to change the PIN to a 7-character password.

Patrons may also choose to select a user name to use in place of the library card barcode when accessing My Account. User names must be unique within the PINES system. Patrons may change user name, password, and email address with My Account at any time.


If you choose to log-in to your account, you will access to the following: Items Checked Out, Items on Hold, Fines, Account Preferences, & My Bookbags. If you have problems logging into your account, please inform a member of the library staff.


Fines / Charges


Overdue items are charged to the borrowing account at a rate of 10¢ per day unless noted on the item. Adult and juvenile paperbacks, newspapers, and magazines are not assessed overdue fines.


When an overdue items reach the maximum of $5.00, the item can be declared lost. The borrowing patron is now responsible for paying the overdue fine amount plus the cost of the item unless the item is returned. After check-in procedures of a lost item, the cost of the item and overdue fees associated with the transaction will be voided in the borrower’s account.


A borrower can not use any library resources he/she owes $10.00 or more due to unpaid fines and/or fees.


A borrowers who has lost his/her card may purchase a replacement card for $2.


Printing and copying charges are 25¢ per page. This includes all pages printed and copied. No exceptions.


Fax services are offered at most branch libraries. Fax service fees are determined locally. Ask a staff member for fee information at you local branch.


Updated 6/24/11